Bella Vista Villages, Residential Care Facilities in Sonoma County

Experience the Best in Retired Living

Since 1998, our four residential care facilities for seniors have provided Sonoma and Marin county residents and their families unparalleled service, quality care and attention. Our residents are constantly satisfied in our Seniors Home because we stay true to our mission: It's all about family.

We invite you to come visit our four facilities (Bella Vista Village and Sonoma Greens in Sonoma, and Kenwood Greens and Tree Haven Estate in Kenwood, near Oakmont) and experience our top quality care. To arrange a no-obligation tour or for placement and evaluation, call Mercedes & Julius Vegvary at (707) 328-1691 or (707) 483-0998.

Our home is where the heart is.

Set in serene and secure surroundings in the heart of the vine country in Sonoma, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be given personalized and efficient care in an atmo­sphere of trust, respect and compassion ... just like in your family.

Our residential care facilities are owned, managed and operated by a state licensed administrator. The staff is composed of highly qualified and carefully selected individuals. Each care giver who works with our seniors in our facilities, is carefully screened through multiple reference checks and a thorough criminal background investigation. Above all, our care givers are competent, conversant and compassionate.
Our home is where the heart is

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Finding the right retirement home  for your aging loved ones can be a challenging process. We believe that one deserves to be comfortable, cared for and safe in one's latter years.

If you are considering placing a loved one in a Sonoma county residential care facility for seniors, visit our first-class assisted living for elderly  in a beautiful, wine country setting.

To arrange a no-obligation tour in our top quality care home or for placement and evaluation, please call Mercedes or Julius Vegvary at (707) 328-1691 or (707) 483-0998

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